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-The Point of this Blog- This blog was created mainly for the purpose of promoting my LEGO Narnia project on Lego Cuusoo. But it will also be used as a gathering place for all LEGO and Narnia fans. My blogs will come at an ever changing rate, so don’t expect one every day/week. I don’t have access to Internet a lot. So my blogs will come anytime I’m at a library, maybe one a week to once a month, we don’t have a constant schedule for going to the library. Any sets that are posted are made with LEGO Digital Designer or else real bricks; I don’t have any other building options. I will accept any input from you on how I may improve my Blog; this is my first time doing one. Please realize that this idea IS NOT endorsed by Lego! ~Creatorbros3~

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

LEGO Narnia Sets Rendered

Here are some renders of sets I've created for Narnia. Some of them are old and no longer look that great to me but I posted them anyways.
TLTWATW Bomb Shelter

TLTWATW Coomb Halt

PC Council on the Dancing Lawn

TLTWATW Lantern Waste

PC The Court Room

PC The Court Room

PC The Dungeon

PC The Gate to Earth

PC The Telmarine Castle Terrace

PC The River Rush

TLTWATW Spare Room

PC Siege Catapults

TVOTDT The Dawn Treader

PC Stone Table

TLTWATW Stone Table

TLTWATW The White Witches Chariot

PC The Train Station
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