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-The Point of this Blog- This blog was created mainly for the purpose of promoting my LEGO Narnia project on Lego Cuusoo. But it will also be used as a gathering place for all LEGO and Narnia fans. My blogs will come at an ever changing rate, so don’t expect one every day/week. I don’t have access to Internet a lot. So my blogs will come anytime I’m at a library, maybe one a week to once a month, we don’t have a constant schedule for going to the library. Any sets that are posted are made with LEGO Digital Designer or else real bricks; I don’t have any other building options. I will accept any input from you on how I may improve my Blog; this is my first time doing one. Please realize that this idea IS NOT endorsed by Lego! ~Creatorbros3~

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Dawn Treader

DATE: 8-8-13

     -The Dawn Treader-

     This is the Dawn Treader from the third movie. I've taken several different views. Please enjoy!
Here is the basic 3/4 view.
This is an approaching shot like many of the ones from the movie.
The back porches.  The character is just there to show scale.  My pitiful version of Lucy.
The two Fauns that hold the ship's bell.  Not the final Idea.
 Inside the Stern of the ship.  Where Caspian welcomes the Pevensies back to Narnia.
 The ship traveling away.  The tail is kind of blocky but will work for now.
This is through the Dragons mouth.  For the dragon head I did something close to the Ninjago Serpent's head, only different colors and a few edited areas. A minifigure could fit in there.
Below deck. Rather plain right now but it incorporates the little room where Eustace Scrubb gets the fruit. It allows you to play out any favorite parts in the film.

     Till next time!