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-The Point of this Blog- This blog was created mainly for the purpose of promoting my LEGO Narnia project on Lego Cuusoo. But it will also be used as a gathering place for all LEGO and Narnia fans. My blogs will come at an ever changing rate, so don’t expect one every day/week. I don’t have access to Internet a lot. So my blogs will come anytime I’m at a library, maybe one a week to once a month, we don’t have a constant schedule for going to the library. Any sets that are posted are made with LEGO Digital Designer or else real bricks; I don’t have any other building options. I will accept any input from you on how I may improve my Blog; this is my first time doing one. Please realize that this idea IS NOT endorsed by Lego! ~Creatorbros3~

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Box Art Designs

DATE: 6-19-13

     -BoxArt Designs-

     I've recently figured out how to make box art designs for LEGO models.  I used Google Sketchup version 8.0.4811.  It was a free download.  At first it was kind of hard to use, but with the help of a few tutorials and experimenting around I figured it out.  Here is how the box came out:  
I added the shadows and any lighting.  I didn't have to put it through a renderer or anything like that.  I got my pictures of the Google images sight (follow instructions in previous post.).  The gold bar was created in Blender 3D modeler version 2.67a, I took a picture of it and pasted it to the picture.

This is the original image that I made in my Paint Application on my computer.  I then added this "Gold Bar" to the image.
With some shifting around I made this:
The stone table was just the model I decided to put in because it's my favorite model so far.  This is the Prince Caspian version of the box.  Other versions coming along.  This is what the box looked like before:

     Till next time!

DATE: 4-13-14

     I got some new programs that can make way better graphics, so I re-designed the Box Art. Enjoy!

       The Set Image could still use some background help, but I'll just leave it for now.