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-The Point of this Blog- This blog was created mainly for the purpose of promoting my LEGO Narnia project on Lego Cuusoo. But it will also be used as a gathering place for all LEGO and Narnia fans. My blogs will come at an ever changing rate, so don’t expect one every day/week. I don’t have access to Internet a lot. So my blogs will come anytime I’m at a library, maybe one a week to once a month, we don’t have a constant schedule for going to the library. Any sets that are posted are made with LEGO Digital Designer or else real bricks; I don’t have any other building options. I will accept any input from you on how I may improve my Blog; this is my first time doing one. Please realize that this idea IS NOT endorsed by Lego! ~Creatorbros3~

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

LEGO Narnia Sets Rendered

Here are some renders of sets I've created for Narnia. Some of them are old and no longer look that great to me but I posted them anyways.
TLTWATW Bomb Shelter

TLTWATW Coomb Halt

PC Council on the Dancing Lawn

TLTWATW Lantern Waste

PC The Court Room

PC The Court Room

PC The Dungeon

PC The Gate to Earth

PC The Telmarine Castle Terrace

PC The River Rush

TLTWATW Spare Room

PC Siege Catapults

TVOTDT The Dawn Treader

PC Stone Table

TLTWATW Stone Table

TLTWATW The White Witches Chariot

PC The Train Station
Thank you for viewing.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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DATE: 12-11-13
     -All My Cuusoo Pictures-
     This is just all my Previously on Picture post.  There are some that are on Cuusoo right now, and some that have previously been on the Blog. 
     Check out my cuusoo project .

Thanks for looking!  Please Enjoy and leave a Comment!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Dawn Treader

DATE: 8-8-13

     -The Dawn Treader-

     This is the Dawn Treader from the third movie. I've taken several different views. Please enjoy!
Here is the basic 3/4 view.
This is an approaching shot like many of the ones from the movie.
The back porches.  The character is just there to show scale.  My pitiful version of Lucy.
The two Fauns that hold the ship's bell.  Not the final Idea.
 Inside the Stern of the ship.  Where Caspian welcomes the Pevensies back to Narnia.
 The ship traveling away.  The tail is kind of blocky but will work for now.
This is through the Dragons mouth.  For the dragon head I did something close to the Ninjago Serpent's head, only different colors and a few edited areas. A minifigure could fit in there.
Below deck. Rather plain right now but it incorporates the little room where Eustace Scrubb gets the fruit. It allows you to play out any favorite parts in the film.

     Till next time!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Box Art Designs

DATE: 6-19-13

     -BoxArt Designs-

     I've recently figured out how to make box art designs for LEGO models.  I used Google Sketchup version 8.0.4811.  It was a free download.  At first it was kind of hard to use, but with the help of a few tutorials and experimenting around I figured it out.  Here is how the box came out:  
I added the shadows and any lighting.  I didn't have to put it through a renderer or anything like that.  I got my pictures of the Google images sight (follow instructions in previous post.).  The gold bar was created in Blender 3D modeler version 2.67a, I took a picture of it and pasted it to the picture.

This is the original image that I made in my Paint Application on my computer.  I then added this "Gold Bar" to the image.
With some shifting around I made this:
The stone table was just the model I decided to put in because it's my favorite model so far.  This is the Prince Caspian version of the box.  Other versions coming along.  This is what the box looked like before:

     Till next time!

DATE: 4-13-14

     I got some new programs that can make way better graphics, so I re-designed the Box Art. Enjoy!

       The Set Image could still use some background help, but I'll just leave it for now.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Original, Ideas for the Sets

DATE: 4-23-13

     -My Ideas for the Sets-

     Almost all of my sets will be designed with LEGO Digital Designer, with the exception of a few built from my LEGO collection.  Eventually I would like to learn how to use a CAD program like Ldraw or MLCAD (I think those might be run by the same engine actually).  If there is someone out there who knows how to use those tools, could you post a comment about it and where I might find the best tutorials?  Post a link.

     I have only built a couple sets, but am working on finishing several others.  Feel free to post any ideas for sets that you want me to build.  I’ll build them and you can give me ideas on how I might change it to better resemble the movies.  I will post pictures of the sets one at a time so as to give you something to look forward to; instead of getting them all at once and then never coming back.  PLEASE tell your friends about this blog, and PLEASE support my project on Cuusoo!  BTW you could also post links to other Narnia creations that you’ve built or found.  I would be happy to look at them.

     -Your Input-

     I greatly value any input, to better this blog.  I especially would like to hear some input on how to design custom Minifigures.  I don’t have much knowledge in that area.  I’ve heard of using Photoshop but I don’t know how to use that, if you could put links for tutorials on LEGO with Photoshop I would be very happy.  I also will be happy to see ideas of your own for the Characters.  Anyone who knows how I might create the box art would be warmly welcomed too.


     I am fine with you talking to other readers and not just the author (me).  This is a Blog created for anyone who likes the LEGO Narnia idea; please invite people you know that like Narnia to come read this. 


Entry One:  The Logo, Set Description from Cuusoo

     -How I Hade the Logo-

     I know that you probably don’t care how I made the logo but I figured I might as well show how.  You may then use the lesson and apply it to your idea(s).

Find the logo you want on Google images: search (in this case): Narnia Logo.  Make sure you find the best quality image.

Right click on the picture and select: copy.

Go to your paint application or any image editor, right click on the blank starter page and select: paste.

Your picture should appear on the page.  Save the file as (in this case) Lego Narnia Logo.

Go back to Google and search (in images): Lego Logo. 

Follow the steps you used to get the previous logo onto your image editor.

Put the Lego logo to the left of your selected logo.  Check the picture to see if it looks right.  Save the file.

     This is my original product.  I then work on taking the smudginess out of the image.

     After cleaning it up, this is what my logo looks like.

     It’s not as muddy looking.  Though it still isn’t as clear as it possibly could be.  But it’s as good as I’m going to make it for now.


     “My sets are all taken from Prince Caspian right now.  I’ve seen that movie more than the other two and have a lot of details in my head that I can picture without having it right in front of me.  I will have the names of the sets above or below the pictures.  Also, these are not the final product, Lego will, more than likely, tweak the models a bit to fit their quality standards.”

~Creatorbros3, Cuusoo Member/ Builder, Author of this Blog~

     I will do the same basic thing when I post my models, although I am working on some sets from the other movies too.  Till next time!


Entry Two:  A Set

     -The Stone Table (Prince Caspian)-

    I made all the pictures for my project on Cuusoo where you can’t display the Lego logo; I just have the red box.  This is the chamber in Aslans How in which the Stone Table sets.  The pillars are where Peter lights the room with his torch.

The mosaic is the sculpture of Aslan that’s directly behind the Stone Table.  It would probably be a sticker.  The mosaic is not very good looking.  The extra 1x4 studless gray element is for the step under the near side of the table.  I couldn’t get it to sit right in LDD, so I just put it off to the side, to show that there would be a set.  Till next time!


Entry Three:  A Set

     -The River Rush-

     Here is where the characters are shown.
You can see, they aren’t very good detail.  For instance, Lucy has got a Star wars torso painted white, but it’s all right for now.  Lego will create better characters if they end up making this into a series.  The boat will be a bit more crowded than it was in the movie.  I would like to see a new mold for it.  Maybe one with both ends pointed, but I know the un-likliness of that.  There would also be taller rocks to create the gorge.  Till next time!


Entry Four:  A Set

     -Council on the Dancing Lawn-

     This set is from the sequence in the movie when Caspian is taking insults from the other creatures.  Then he vows to help the Narnians “take back what is theirs”.

It results in most of the creatures agreeing with each other.  Caspian’s hairpiece is the same one that was used for Prince Dastan in the Prince of Persia sets.  This set would also have a Minotaur and Nikabrik who I forgot to add when I made the set.  Not the final Reepacheep or set.  Till next time!


Entry Five:  A Set

     -Preparing to leave-

     The sequence from which this set is taken is toward the end of Prince Caspian.  Aslan is talking with Peter and Susan about this being their last time in Narnia.

Caspian comes down the steps to tell them that the people are assembled.  Aslan is walking under the arches with Peter and Susan.  In the movie the steps are a lot wider, and there is a building to the side of them.  There would also be some miscellaneous Telmarine Minifigures in the set.  Till next time!


Entry Six:  A Design Idea

     -Telmarine Turret-

This is not an idea for a set because it would make a weird one.  This is just an idea for how a tower might look.  This would be one from Miraz's castle.
This is just a testing plot for the final Miraz’s Castle.  I am currently working on that.  My ideas for the sets are pretty wild.  You know how the sets that they make are hardly ever Minifigure scale, these ones will be.  How?  I’ve come up with an idea for a “Click-System” that lets you clip two sets together. 
     This system is quite simple and is pictured below; you could also use the element combination: 1x1pin and 1x1 Brick w/ pin socket.
This system seems to hold better than the pins.  It also is easier to separate without having to move all the pins back to one side.  If you have ideas for combining sets leave a comment.  This system would be located right below the arched doorways to create a corner.  You would just buy a couple sets and then combine them to make a little bit of awesome, instead of buying one little set and being disappointed at how un-realistically small it is. 
     Till next time!

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